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Our staff are our family

We are driven by our values of providing the best customer service in the most responsible way.  We believe that having happy, healthy staff working in a friendly, learning-based environment will ultimately lead to better, more genuine customer service and satisfaction.

We provide our staff with excellent working conditions: competitive salaries, fair working hours, holiday pay, free accommodation and meals are part and parcel for our employees. Treating our staff as our family, teaching them about the importance of the local environment and providing fair opportunities regardless of gender or sexual orientation affords them the dignity and respect they deserve.

Keep Cambodia beautiful!

The Secret Garden has taken action in the following ways to reduce our impact on the environment wherever possible without reducing the customer’s satisfaction.

* Saying no to plastic straws (biodegradable ones are available upon request).

* Providing refillable glass water bottles to guests.

* Providing shampoo, body wash, hand soap and body lotion in refillable dispensers. All of these products are by Kambio Nature, organic skin products made here in Cambodia. 

* Using only biodegradable take away boxes and cutleries.

* Using biodegradable trash bags.

* Donating food waste to a local big farmer.

* Purchasing locally grown and made products.

* Participating in a bi-monthly cleanup of Pagoda beach.

* Working with local committees and organisations to ensure the sustainability of tourism in the area.

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