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Local Activities

The islands around Otres Beach are wild and rustic –the Otres area provides a great opportunity to explore some of the lesser developed islands of Cambodia.  Enjoy the day snorkeling, swimming, fishing and exploring.

**We do not recommend booking boat trips from beach sellers and cannot guarantee their quality or safety.**

Secret Garden restaurant and bar
Private Boat Trip
Fishing & Sunset


Join others on a longtail boat to the surrounding islands.  Enjoy snorkeling, swimming or hand-line fishing.  A full day trip will usually last 7 hours, leaving around 9:30 am and returning around 4:00 pm.  BBQ lunch included.

Secret Garden boat tour and snorkeling
Private Boat Trip
Fishing & Snorkling

$130 - $180

Hire your own boat and have the freedom to visit any of the surrounding islands of your choice at your own pace.  Snorkelling and hand-line fishing available.  Lunch not included.

Secret Garden boat tour and snorkeling
Shared Boat Trips Plankton tour: $10/pax 

Sail out into the sunset on your own private boat!  Swim, snorkel or try hand-line fishing until the sen sets.  Once it's dark, swim with the amazing bioluminescent plankton in the Gulf of Thailand.  Boat leaves around 5:30 pm and returns around 7:30 pm.  

Shared Boat Trips 
Daily Tour:
Secret Garden boat tour and snorkeling

Same chartered boat as above, but includes an English speaking guide and a Secret Garden lunch and water.  *Price per 2 people.  $7 for each additional passenger.

Secret Garden to Koh Rong
Day Trip To Koh Rong Samloen Island
$27 return

Full day trip on a boat with sundeck and bar.  Stop on the way for snorkeling or fishing.  Spend the afternoon in Saracen Bay relaxing on the beach.  Coffee & lunch included.   Full bar available.  Pick-up included

Secret Garden to Kong Rong Island
Speed Ferry to Koh Rong or Koh Rong Samloem

45 minutes to 1 hour trip to Koh Rong and Koh Rong Samloen.  Departure times: 8:00 am, 9:30 am, 11:30 am, 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm.  Possible additional times available December - January.  Prices and times subject to change seasonally.  Pick-up included.

Secret Garden activities
Catamarans & Kayaks
From $8 per hour

Take a short walk down the beach and sail off into the sunset.  The catamarans & kayaks are rented by the hour.  A short tutorial provided.  Catamaran boats for up to 6 people available.

Secret Garden to Kong Rong Island
Sport Fishing Charter: $120 per person

Inshore, offshore & estuary fishing.  Full day tours include sunrise and sunset for ideal fishing times.  Discounts for groups.  Lunch included.  Non-fishing guests only $20. 

Sefet Garden Liberty Ranch
Horseback Riding: $30 per hour

Guided horseback riding on beautiful and peaceful beaches by the hour.  An amazing experience to swim with horses for an additional $5. 

Maximum weight 85kg. 

Sefet Garden Liberty Ranch
Zip Lining/ Adventure Park:
$6 admission

A tree top adventure for adrenaline lovers of all ages.  Includes zip lines and ropes course and takes about 30-45 minutes per person.  Children must be accompanied by an adult.  Get there by tuk tuk or boat.

Secrey Garden dune buggies
Dune Buggies

If you feel the need for speed, book a half day or full day guided tour around the best back roads in town.  Great for any season.  We recommend booking at least 3 days in advance due to high demand.

Secrey Garden dune buggies
Off-Road Adventures:
from $100 per day

Guided dirt bike tours for all skill levels.  Group tours and tailor-made tours available.  Don't need a guide?  Rent your own dirt bike starting from $25/day.

Secret Garden to Waterfalls
Kbal Chhay Waterfall
Taxi: $35 return

Best visited between June & December, these 14m high waterfalls are a favorite among local and foreign visitors.  Hire a tuk tuk or taxi, or for the more adventurous, take your own moto or dune buggy.  

Secret Garden to Waterfalls
Wat Leu:
Taxi $25 return

Because of it's hilltop location, Wat Leu, is commonly known as "Upper Wat."  It offers wonderful views of the town and nearby islands.  Catch a glimpse of the resident monks and monkeys.  Add a sunset stop here to your trip to Kbal Chhay for only $10.

Secret Garden to Kampot and Kep
Ream National Park: $45-$70

Situated just up the coast from Otres Beach, this national park includes jungles, estuaries, beaches, islands and coral reefs.  Take a 2 hour trek with a guide or a boat trip exploring the mangroves.  Food available, but limited.

Secret Garden to Kampot and Kep
Day Trip to Kampot
Taxi: $100-120 return

Take a private taxi through the countryside to see the pepper plantations of Kampot and stop by the crab market in Kep.  For a longer day, add a trip to the majestic Bokor Mountain, which served as a cool hilltop retreat in the French colonial days.

Getting Around The Island

We are able to assist in arranging most type of transport for your stay at The Secret Garden as travel to and from Otres.

Secret Garden to Kampot and Kep
Motorbike: $20 per day

A good way for the adventurous to get around the beach and town area on your own. *Be aware that tourists are often stopped by the police on the main roads in town.  There is a minimum of $2.00 fine for those without a Cambodian driver’s license

Secret Garden to Kampot and Kep
Private Taxi / Minivan Price per vehicle:

Sihanoukville Airport  $17 / $30  

Kampot  $35 / $75

Kep  $40 / $85

Phnom Penh  $60  / $90   

Koh Kong border  $65 / $120

Secret Garden to Kampot and Kep
Taxi Car
Price per vehicle

Downtown / Golden Lions: $6            

Sihanoukville Airport: $15                    

Otres I / Otres Village: $2.50

*Prices increase by $1 after dark

Secret Garden to Kampot and Kep
Public Bus
Price per person:

Phnom Penh  $12-$14     

Kampot  $7

Kep  $9

Siem reap  $18-$26    

Koh Kong  $12-$14

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